Saturday, 4 October 2014

Still a Few Signs

 Very small smooth newt from our garden

 Probably water vole prints (though could be rat)

 Water vole droppings, and below, a burrow plus trackway

I think this is weasel scat

Not much vole activity now it's autumn, but on the plus side our garden is busy with hedgehogs including this family of five. Mum quite often comes and feeds separately, but in the bottom video she is being harassed by two of her four young (who are old enough to know better).


WendyB said...

Great hedgehog pics!!

Hadn't seen any signs of water voles here for 3 weeks, but yesterday, early evening, I just had a feeling... (I'd wondered if they sense bad weather is on the way.. so, a flurry of activity might be in order?)

And, joy of joys, had great views of an adult AND to my surprise two quite small juveniles ! And it was on a section of the ditch I've not really seen them before, as well - So that now has me very much more hopeful that all will be OK next spring :-)

An elderly lady was passing by with her dog, and saw her first ever water vole too, so that was great!

Kate said...

Oh, it's great when you can share a sighting!

WendyB said...

A bit of a late breeding flurry on the college boundary ditch, here in Cambridge! Fairly frequent sightings (the latest on Oct 26th) and juveniles in at least two different territories - great to see (after it all went so quiet in the late summer). Maybe the warm September was conducive to some late season activity.

A kingfisher has also been spotted on the ditch, and I saw it on the main river 2 weeks ago. Fabulous!

Kate said...

Oh, how fabulous! My voles must be a bit wimpy.