Friday, 24 April 2020

Fur Colour

This vole was eating apple blossom petals.

 The top two photos are a dark vole at Edward German drive, and the bottom picture is a water vole at White Lion Meadow (Tesco). You can see the variation even in adults' coats.

Two sparrowhawk sightings, one in our garden and one in the stream at Edward German Drive. That's a pigeon being eaten.

 Very small common newt.

Above, droppings and below, water vole feeding.

 Edgeley Road vole

Vole seen at the timber yard, but it swam through the culvert to White Lin Meadow as we watched.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Comparing Rats and Water Voles

In summary: rats have prominent ears, while voles' ears are small and tucked away.
Rats' noses are pink, where water voles' are black.
Rats' feet are while and water voles' are black.
Rats' fur tends towards greyish brown, whereas water voles' fur is richer brown.
Rats' tails are naked, long and pink, while water voles' tails are brown, medium-length, and covered in fur.

Eating Pollen for the Protein


Below, burrows at Black Park road show a lot of activity.

 A hedgehog in our garden.

Below, Moss Fields (the back of Saddler's Walk) - feeding and burrows there.

Kestrel and skylark.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Heaps of Activity


Burrow with grazing around, Edgeley Road

 Above: the stream as it goes through Greenfields Country Park, plus
 some feeding and droppings there.

 Latrine, Edgeley Road.

 Burrows on Edward German Drive.

 Voles on Edward German Drive.

 This White Lion Meadow (Tesco) vole has a distinctive nose.

Below, another Edward German Drive vole. Pregnant female?

Friday, 10 April 2020

All Around the Town

 White Lion Meadow vole

Vole below Griffiths Tool Hire yard.

 Vole at Edward German Drive. This one had a horrific injury above its tail so
 I don't know what its chances are long-term.
 Grey wagtail at Wayland Road

 Wayland Road, and below, a water vole from that stretch.

Below, two water voles from White Lion Meadow. One is a vole with a spot on its head, which is a mark I've seen on several sites around Whitchurch over the 14 years I've been studying water voles.