Saturday, 28 December 2013

Goodbye to 2013


 The ditch by Grocontinental as it looks this month

 Trackway leading through the reeds to the water

Various water vole footprints: at Grocontinental, in the field off Edgeley Road (see extreme bottom right of photo) and some from last Feb to show the clear starry shape of the paws.

There's very little doing vole-wise this month - I don't expect to see any real activity till February or March - but there's clearly still water vole presence in the two fields off Edgeley Road. W-vole paw prints are very similar to rat so I would be cautious about claiming any of these photos were definitive proof. However, I have found them in areas where there were lots of voles in the summer and autumn, and they do look pretty star-shaped to me.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Feeding Up

Rescue-hog is still up and eating his way through two pouches of cat food a day. At 817g he can safely hibernate - he just doesn't want to! 

If you have room in your shed/garage to over-winter a hog, call your local wildlife rescue centre and ask if they have any they need farming out. The centres I know of are all overwhelmed and would really appreciate the help.