Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Training Surveyors

I had the pleasure of meeting someone from Cheshire Wildlife Trust today to give them some in-the-field experience of assessing water vole habitat and occupation. We looked at two sites and examined burrows, droppings, latrines, feeding and feeding stations - and we actually saw a vole too. I am always happy to take out individuals or small groups, whether it's enthusiastic amateurs, volunteers or professional ecologists. I've worked for the Field Studies Council and for the Wildlife Trust and I have hundreds of hours' experience. Please do contact me via Twitter or Facebook if you'd like some practical training.

A Round-up of Some Sites

Water vole signs at the Railwayman's Cottage (near Homebase)

Below, Black Park Road and water vole signs there.

 And lastly, these signs below are at the ditch in Broughall. 


Monday, 22 April 2019

Edgeley Road's 'Spotty Vole' Population

 Is there a white spot on this vole's forehead?

 Escape chute


I saw three different voles at Edgeley Road tonight, including a very large and dark one. However, the vole which excited me the most was the one at the top of the page which seems to have a little area of white hairs on its forehead. Could it be one of the litter of "spots" grown up? 2018 spotty voles

Moss Field

 Two sparrowhawks that visited my garden today.

Moss Field is behind the Saddler's Walk estate, land that's soon to be developed, so we need to keep our eye on that. The ditch, which is L-shaped, maintains a steady population of water voles even when the water dries up, and happens some years. It's hard to get to once the vegetation has grown up, so it's good to get a survey in now. All the key field signs are in place that mean definite (and busy) water vole presence.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Film Clips of Edgeley Road Voles

Survey Work

We did a routine survey of the Greenfields nature reserve, Whitchurch Country Park, and found stacks of water vole burrows, plenty of feeding especially on nettles, plenty of droppings and tracks. It looks as thought the population there continues strong and healthy.

Meanwhile the water voles down Edgeley Road are active. I saw three last night, two of whom had a bit of a spat over possession of a burrow.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


Water voles have water-repellent fur which is supposed to dry immediately with a good shake. I guess this one just hasn't read the handbook.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Busy-ness at Edgeley Road


 Barn owl egg? There are barn owls in this field.

Two water voles tonight at Edgeley Road, plus a selection of burrows and droppings.