Sunday, 30 October 2011

Country Park

zicrona caerulea

Candlesnuff fungus

Shaggy parasol

Field vole feeding and droppings.

Spraint is in the middle of the photo. As is often the case, it's glittery with fish scales.

No obvious evidence of water voles, but otherwise the nature reserve is thrumming with life. A walk to check on the Dexter cattle this afternoon yielded sightings of a goldcrest, a red admiral, a grey squirrel, a field vole and four types of fungus. There was otter spraint under the bridge, and the pond dug out a few years ago by Whitchurch Water Vole Group is full of field vole feeding stations.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Funky Fungus

Crested Coral

Armillaria (mellea)

Two clumps of Amethyst Deceiver.

Beautiful autumn colours and shapes in a beech wood near Heptonstall, Yorkshire.