Saturday, 13 June 2009

Happy to be wrong

Dead dragonfly we found floating in the water - maybe a female Emperor?

Nymph climbing the reed in preparation for splitting. Or not.

Dragonfly nymph in the water

("You ain't seen us, right?" - adult frogs in my pond)

Froglet in the brook at Edward German Drive

Various latrine shots - click to enlarge.

Went down to the car park this afternoon and glimpsed a vole almost straight away. As I was trying vainly to get a shot, a man walked past and called to me that he'd seen one there last Sunday. So fingers crossed they'll be back out and posing soon.
Last night I followed a tiny stream though a field near my house and found the banks to be absolutely full of latrines - almost too many to count - so that must mean a very healthy colony. It's nice to know somewhere's doing so well.
Today's excitement was the finding of a dragonfly larva clinging to one of the reeds in my pond. I was convinced I was going to get some fantastic shots of the adult dragonfly emerging, but all that happened was it sat for half an hour, then slipped back into the water. Sigh.


Dave said...

Glad they've been sighted; I was about to call in a search and rescue team!

About a month ago I was lucky enough to see one swimming, but once it was out of the water and in the undergrowth I'd never have known it was there.

Kate said...

Ooh, where was that, Dave?