Monday, 15 June 2009


Thanks to John and Rosie for the photo

Alarmed woodmouse, in the ditch near Grocontinental
Another day spent anxiously watching a hatching dragonfly, except this story doesn't have a very happy ending. The dragonfly seemed to get stuck with just its head out - was in that state for eight hours - and then disappeared, exuvia and all. Presumably a bird took it. We've seen three other empty cases, plus there's at least one other live nymph in the water, so all's not lost, but it seems a shame that after two years preparing for adulthood, the dragonfly should fall at this last hurdle.


Kath McGurl said...

I know it's ridiculous, but I am terrified of dragonflies. They are one animal which will make me run and squeal. Pathetic, yes!

Kate said...

Not silly at all. I was talking to someone yesterday who said they'd been menaced by a dragonfly whilst canoeing in France.