Sunday, 7 June 2009

Back on the case

Had a quick check of the main sites this morning, but a showery day coming after a prolonged period of heavy rain isn't the best time to go looking for voles or field signs. White Lion Meadow, like everywhere else, is getting pretty overgrown and it's hard to see much at all, but there are still areas of what look like vole-flattened grass along the banks (third photo down), and a quick check by the pipe revealed feeding.
The most interesting news is some sightings in this unpromising ditch by Lidl (last picture). The vegetation's been heavily grazed, and when I went to look last night I saw a small mammal disappearing into the undergrowth, though I couldn't tell whether it was a baby water vole or a field vole. Lots of twitching grass, though: there's clearly busy activity of some sort down there.

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