Friday, 4 April 2008

This was a large adult which swam off down the brook towards the culvert and seemed to go into a pipe, though that seems unlikely. Maybe it went into a burrow near the pipe, that I couldn't see.


Jane said...

So glad your water voles are out and about. Love seeing the pictures. I've been looking out for Water Voles in the river next to our supermarket... I'm sure they are there... I just need to keep watching. I used to see them all the time as a kid (fishing with my dad) but not any more. Would love to see and film one now. Oh well fingers crossed! Jane

Kate said...

Worth asking your county wildlife group if they have any records for that area. You could also try looking for field signs, though I've photographed water voles in stretches of the brook where I haven't found any evidence of feeding or latrines or footprints.

The best time to spot water voles is probably at dusk, and in the late Spring/early Summer period, when populations have established themselves but the vegetation's not too overgrown.

Jane said...

Hi Kate. Thanks for the tips. I know there are water voles in the stretch of river next to the supermarket. Just a matter of seeing the little blighters! It's a lovely clear stream, full of fish and native crayfish. I will try them at dusk... but not today as it's snowing at the moment! Jane