Tuesday, 22 April 2008

There doesn't seem to be any activity at all at White Lion Meadow, even now the weather's warmed up. Makes me wonder whether the voles I saw a couple of weeks ago have been eaten.
But there's plenty of activity on the Prees Branch canal - There were two sightings there this morning, I see fresh feeding every time I go down there, and there've been no more signs of mink. In addition, my friend Dave has sent me photos of a water vole latrine he spotted at Whixall Moss this weekend. So let's hope the breeding season gets going now and the colonies have a chance to build up and expand. Maybe they'll come back to White Lion Meadow later in the spring or summer.
http://www.newhythe.blogspot.com/ - See the bottom photo of Sunday 20th April's post for an incredible climbing water vole!

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