Monday, 14 April 2008

Canal again

Went down to check the rafts again and found this scat, which I'm almost certain is brown rat. Nasty though it is, I thought it was worth a picture just to show the difference between rat pellets and water vole - voles' are rounded at both ends, Tic-Tac- shaped.

There was plenty of fresh water vole feeding, too. In the centre of the picture above (click to enlarge) is a massive pile of cut reeds. I found two new areas of activity along the canal since Saturday, which is really encouraging.


Jane Adams said...

I've just found John Harding's video/stills about your brook
Loved it! Jane

Kate said...

Yes, John and his partner Rosie are both very talented photographers. It was his idea to make the film. Have you seen his other stuff? Lovely footage of fieldfares eating apples.