Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mink: very bad news for water voles

Went for a walk down the Prees Branch Canal today, and it looks as though there's at least one mink in the area. I found what I'm pretty sure is mink scat, and then there were bones on the second raft.
My fears were confirmed when I met the lady who lives in the cottage at Waterloo and she said her fish pond had been raided. So I'm waiting to hear from SW about what to do.
There was evidence of water vole feeding and a fresh latrine (the two pics below) but for how long can this population survive if there are mink about?


Anonymous said...

They are relatively easy to trap, speak to John Harding he will have experience from Wood Lane.

Kate said...

Thanks. I will give John a ring because he's so knowledgeable. It's an SW-managed area, so I have to go through them, but I've had a chat this morning and I'm hopeful the situation's going to be monitored.