Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I was wrong! Hooray!

Just been watching this little chap from the car park bridge. It goes to show once again, there can be voles without field signs.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's at the end of this one's territory and he's an infrequent visitor? But maybe it's the sun afterall - it does for me!

Kate said...

Who knows?
I've studied the pic again and he does look a tad ratty, but he really was a water vole. I watched him for ages while he ate nettles, then he dived into the water and kicked up mud, the way they do.

Steve said...

That is great news Kate! Before you know it he'll be climbing around in the bushes!!

Kate said...


My fellow voler, Albert, has some great video footage of one swinging from a willow branch and plopping into the water.