Thursday, 31 May 2007

My Fabulous Gadget

A friend sent me this in the post today: in brief it's a coin connected to a cork, and I'll be able to carry it with me when I'm tracking to show the scale of any prints or scat, even if they're pretty inaccessible. How brilliant is that?
If you want to make your own, superglue two 2p coins together and bore a hole through both. Attach a good length of nylon thread, and tie the other end round the neck of a mushroom-shaped cork. In transit (in your pocket) the thread is wound round the cork and the coin fitted into a slot cut in the head of the cork. Genius.
I've also updated my links to show where you can buy mink raft kits. Got one on order, which I intend to use for tracking purposes.


Anonymous said...

I was pretty unwilling to fork out on the materials for a raft so was quite pleased at the idea of cannibalising our bike shed. It has two four-by-two doors which are just the right size. Unfortunately they’re 10mm thick and double the weight of the contraption.

Mink rafts are big – take care when you launch it.

I’ll have a go at the corky thing though – we always seem to have loads of those around the house!

Kate said...

I suspect handling mink rafts is a two-man job. But I really want a go with one!