Friday, 1 June 2007

Yockings Gate

Another day, another stretch of brook. Saw three voles this evening, two of them fighting in the water (the middle picture was supposed to show this, but I think they've come out too small).
Visited the stretch outside Tesco before I went down and it's in a terrible state: trolleys and rubbish everywhere. I've taken photographs but haven't the heart to post them because they're so ugly. It's a blight on the town. Awful.


Dave said...

Sorry about the usual supermarket blight.

These are lovely pictures, though. If you click (to enlarge) the middle one you can see some swirls in the water just up from a tuft of grass mid-stream. It is hard to make out anything solid but there's something to the left of the swirls, near the bank. Now you'll tell me that's not them at all!

Have you seen any smaller ones yet, which might be youngsters?

Kate said...

Yes, the tiny blob near the swirls is a vole. They started fighting in the reeds on the right, a terrific fuss, and then broke out into the water.

I haven't seen any babies this year, but the area's teeming with wildlife. I almost trod on a rabbit that had decided to freeze rather than run, and there are dozens of field vole feeding stations in the hedges beyond. Standing watching that balloon, I felt as though I'd stepped into a David Inshaw painting.

Mel said...

Kate, I see what you mean, that's a lovely stretch of brook. Where exactly is this, is it on the outskirts of the town?

Kate said...

It is, right on the very north east edge. It's a lovely area, with Brick Kiln Farm and Blakemere further up. Very voley, too.