Sunday, 3 June 2007

Water Vole vs Field Vole Feeding

Just before the heavens opened I nipped down to the brook a little further downstream from Yockings Gate and found lots and lots of feeding stations in a patch of glyceria. I've tried to show the relative scale this time, with water vole above and field vole below. Basically water voles cut larger pieces; field voles' larders can be positively dainty in comparison.
Added 9/7/07 Now I look back at these photos, I'm not sure the top one is water vole. How embarrassing! For better pics, look at the pieces in the 9th June or July 6th posts. It's tricky, because there's a medium length at which it could be the work of either type of vole.


Anonymous said...

Lucky those pennies were there for comprison !!!

Kate said...

I never go voling now without my 2p-on-a-string gadget (see instructions below on how to make one of your own).

Coming soon: scale comparison of the vole latrines. Bet you can hardly wait.