Saturday, 12 May 2007

You meet the nicest people

...when you're involved with wildlife. Came across the photographer Andy Purcell at midday ( ). He'd come to Whitchurch looking for voles, but seen only rats near Tesco. However he had seen a latrine further up the brook, which confirms my hopes, and I spotted this interesting-looking trail yesterday.


Dave said...

Hopefully all is not lost yet.

Kate said...

Oh, I'm sure it's not. A friend was telling me today about her neighbour, who lives near another part of the brook, having all his flag irises neatly chopped up by water voles. And I've just been on a walk through some fields and found feeding signs in a ditch.

Kate said...

Tiki, I've lost your comment somewhere in the ether, but I'm afraid it was rat control. The population round there has just exploded. But the method is safe for voles (not that there are any around that area just at the moment. Hoping they'll be back later in the summer, though).