Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Some days

...you stand for half an hour and see nothing, as I did this morning. That's the way of wildlife watching. But there were fresh footprints, and the banks are greening up nicely which will provide protection for the babies when they venture out.
This burrow is on the top surface of the bank; water voles like to have entrances on several levels for maximum escape opportunities, which is why some openings are under water. The one here is there in case of massive flooding, so the vole can get right away if necessary.
I'm pleased to say the trolleys pictured below are now finally gone, and encouragingly I've had a letter from the new manager at Whitchurch Tesco inviting me in to talk to him about the situation. I'll report back on this when I know more.
Post script: In retrospect, I think this burrow belongs to a rat as it has a spoil heap at its entrance. Water voles' burrows are tidier than that! They're also more likely to be near the water's edge - though what I said above about voles having entrances on several levels is true as well. Not easy telling the two sorts of burrow apart.


Dave said...

It looks so different from a month or so back. And good luck with the new Mr. T!

Kate said...

I'm down to see him next Tuesday. Pleased he wrote to me - I think that's encouraging.