Sunday, 29 April 2007

Country Park

Took a walk down the Country Park this afternoon. Unsurprised to find a Tesco trolley there, but I was pleased to note water vole prints all the way along the banks. Lots of green dock leaf beetles, too; not rare or anything, but very pretty.


Anonymous said...

I can understand your concern for the water voles,and I really admire your concern and involvement
The Tesco trolleys are an issue and you have given them a fair crack of the whip to clean up their act, they are however only worried by adverse publicity so I think that is the way to go
"Tesco home of Brown Rats and Discarded Trolleys"
It would I think help you and your adopted charges more than trying to negotiate with managers who have to toe the company line

regards nightshade

Kate said...

Thanks. I'll see what happens with the manager, and then move things up a gear if necessary. The EA and the local council may be able to help, as a first step.