Monday, 20 July 2009

Sighting at White Lion Meadow

It's a while since we've had one, but the vole was balanced obligingly on top of vegetation in the middle of the brook. There's still very little water and bank visible under all the leaves, so I was lucky.


womagwriter said...

Good to see the vole. Good too to see the vole-watcher is still able to get out and about.

I was talking to someone from Dorset Wildlife Trust the other day. There's a group looking after otters in the Stour and other local rivers. I asked about water voles, and the guy said the otters help drive out mink, which can only be good for the voles. There are voles further up the Stour, though not near us.

Kate said...

If there are no mink, and there are corridors for the voles to travel, and the habitat near you is suitable, then I see no reason why colonies shouldn't return. Otters can tolerate water courses with stronger currents than can water voles, though. Your vole prefers a small stream or a pond or canal.