Tuesday, 24 March 2015

From a Fellow Vole Enthusiast

I was sent these delightful water vole photos by another wildlife fan and follower of this blog, and have her permission to post them here. The way she's captured the dense fuzziness of the fur is wonderful. It's making me very impatient to see my local voles!


Countryside Tales said...

Hi Kate, back to surveying here too. Lots of signs but no voles yet. Enjoyed these pictures very much. Is it possible that the voles would have young this early in the season? Found some small droppings and it made me wonder :o)

Kate said...

I think they'd be more likely field vole droppings, which are the same shape as water-vole ones but more the size of a grain of rice. Who knows, though? If you're in a much warmer part of the country, it's possible.