Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Few Tentative Signs

I brought Y-Boy in for weighing and re-marking, and he's almost a kilogram!

 Water vole feeding at the back of Saddler's Walk (Mossfields)

 Above, invisible skylarks, and below, lapwings out at Broughall

 Water vole prints in the mud at Broughall

A burrow and a buzzard at the Railwayman's cottage near Homebase.

No water vole colony in Whitchurch seems to have woken up much yet, though there are a few feeding signs at Mossfields, prints at Broughall, and a couple of burrows near Homebase. This gives me a bit more hope that things are generally late, rather than one colony having suffered some sort of collapse. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. It's been cold here and the frogs haven't even begin to think about mating.

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