Monday, 23 June 2014

Pink Butterflies and Yockings Gate

Cinnabar moth resting and in flight

 Terrific habitat

Yockings Gate water vole

Thrilled to spot a water vole at Yockings Gate, the first for years. The vegetation's now grown back after severe dredging and the dumping of some chemical bins that looked very dodgy, and the banks and water seem healthy. I was also pleased to see this cinnabar moth as they're such vibrant, beautiful creatures. I can understand why some people think they've seen a "pink butterfly" as, when the moth's wings are open, it does look that shape.


Countryside Tales said...

Having waited and waited to see the voles, I have seen one every day I have been out since the first four on the river! Vole Radar clearly working.
That's great news about the recovered habitat. It looks perfect.

Kate said...