Wednesday, 25 June 2014

More Pink

Spotted this elephant hawk moth by the main town car park. What a beauty! Meanwhile, half an hour's sitting by the stream showed up three voles, two adults and a baby. The adults could be distinguished from each other because one had a scar above its eye. I like the image of a vole shaking itself dry after swimming.


Countryside Tales said...

Love that last shot in particular!

WendyB said...

Lovely photos again, thank you!! I've never seen an elephant hawk moth, it looks amazing.

I only got the info second-hand, but someone told me last week that another observer had seen a female water vole carrying young from one hole to another - not sure if it involved swimming too!

Kate said...

Wow. I've seen footage of that, but not with my own eyes. It's something I'd love to witness. The mums move the babies if they feel threatened, eg if the water is rising and they need to take them to a higher nest chamber.