Saturday, 7 June 2014

Beyond Ellesmere

 Burrows along the tow path

 Droppings and trackways

 A feeding station

 Near Maestermyn Marine 

The one-eyed vole and her baby, at Edgeley Road

After a report from a friend on Twitter - hooray for social media and wildlife networking - I took a trip out along the Ellesemere-Whittington road and checked out the Llangollen Canal there. On each side of the bridge were lots of burrows, and unusually they were on the tow path bank, right where people were walking. I didn't have time to sit and watch for actual voles, but I wonder how habituated to human presence this colony is.


Countryside Tales said...

It amazes me how water voles live right under the noses of people. It probably shouldn't. Love the pic of the baby. So pleased they are all doing well.

Robert Denny said...

Great news, well done for taking the time to investigate. The canal banks look like they are reinforced?

Robert Denny said...

Great news, well done for taking the time to investigate and report.
The canal banks appear to be reinforced?

Kate said...

Thanks, CT! Yes, Robert, the banks are reinforced on short stretches. That's why, on one side of the bridge, the voles are on the path side as the other's unusable. But on the other side, they've managed to get behind the metal shuttering and create a little space. I'll try and get out to take a better picture. Also the shuttering doesn't last stretch that far till it gives way to natural bank. Inaccessible bank sides can be a real problem for wildlife.

Robert Denny said...

Very interesting that they are making homes in areas that one could easily write off. Would like to see pictures of holes in those sections.
WVs never cease to amaze, given half a chance!

Kate said...

Did you see my new post, Robert? Just for you.