Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Great news: I popped down to White Lion Meadow on a whim really, and slid down the only bit of bank you can now access as that stretch is now so overgrown. Straight away I found this latrine on top of an old car sponge. As I said in the post below, it's great because this is definitive proof that you've got breeding water voles there.

I should mention, a survey by professional ecological consultants this spring stated that "no water voles, or evidence for the presence of water voles in the form of latrines, burrows or feeding remains were recorded." (The whole report is on the Shropshire Council planning website here:

Yet this blog has photographs of voles at the site actually in April, the same month the survey took place, and now this latrine verifies at least one breeding female.


Anonymous said...

Document not found!!! Must have realised it was wrong.

Obviously not spoke to the correct people.

Kate said...

It's the Ecological Assessment, by Aspect, about a third of the way down this page.

Chris Sperring said...

Sounds about right. Great record BTW