Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Family group

Young bat my neighbours found (unharmed) in their curtains. Released the same evening. Pipistrelle?

Peripheral adult.

Young water vole (above and below).

Mum - the same adult vole I saw last night, I think, because of band of dark fur above the eyes.

Mum again.

Mum and youngster - no fighting at all!
I was privileged tonight to watch what I assume must have been a family group: at least two, possibly three young of exactly the same size sharing a piece of apple and swimming up and down the same stretch, plus an adult who seemed to be wholly tolerant of their presence in a way that suggests a parent and offspring. I saw this same adult vole top up the latrine too, so I'm guessing a female. In other words, mum and babies. There was at least one more adult lurking on the fringes.
Delighted to report too that we have a hedgehog in our garden.

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