Friday, 1 July 2011

Greenfields and the Country Park again

Silver Studded Blue I found on Prees Heath last night.

Otter spraint.

Water vole prints from Greenfields reserve

Juvenile vole. I also had sightings of an adult and a baby this evening.

Normally I'm scrupulous about taking home any uneaten apple, but tonight I chickened out.

Good results from a survey this Thursday on Greenfields Nature Reserve and the area immediately around it, Whitchurch Country Park. There were lots of water vole feeding stations and latrines all along the back of Brookfields and on either side of the bridge at Greenfields Rise. When I checked under the other bridge, the one inside the reserve, there were water vole prints in exactly the place I'd seen a vole running when I was with my son a couple of weeks ago. There was also fresh otter spraint. Encouraging, as long as this year we can keep the mink at bay.

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