Sunday, 8 March 2009

More on the Whitchurch Plate

Droppings under the bridge near Homebase
Possible feeding station at White Lion Meadow.
I've still had no sightings of voles at White Lion Meadow car park, though there are droppings and what's probably a feeding station (above) so I have to assume they're around. It's been bitterly cold here so perhaps breeding's delayed this year.
We tried out the tweaked version of the tracking plate - now made of plastic, cable-tied to the metal frame and with sodden oasis under the clay - at Steel Heath, and got a surprising result (top photo). Are the footprints rat or water vole? And why hasn't the apple been eaten? The plate was left for 24 hours in a quiet ditch, so I have no idea why the bait didn't go.

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