Friday, 20 March 2009

First sighting?

Latrine ouside the timber merchant's

Droppings under the railway bridge near Homebase, Waylands Road side

Droppings under the railway bridge near Homebase, station side

I met a man on the White Lion car park yesterday who said he thought he'd seen a water vole down on the far stretch of the brook, by the timber yard. He didn't seem especially sure, though, so I was wondering whether it might have been a rat he glimpsed. But then my friend Dave emailed me to say he'd spotted water vole droppings in the middle of this section, on top of a load of dumped newspaper. It's a pretty grotty area, full of litter, but it's quieter than the car park end and possibly gets less food thrown into it, which means less trouble with rats.
So I hope soon to be posting pictures of actual voles, instead of endless close-ups of poo!

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