Sunday, 15 March 2009

Late or absent?

Comma butterfly at the railway bridge near Homebase

Frog gearing up to mate in our pond

Water vole latrine in the ditch by Grocontinental

Feeding (definitely not field vole!) at the Prees Branch Canal

Droppings at the railway bridge near Homebase

Latrine at White Lion Meadow - but is it water vole?
Everything seems to be emerging, apart from the voles. I'm beginning to wonder whether there are any at White Lion Meadow this year: in 2008 they made their appearance in February, and in 2007 it was March 1st. It's true the weather's been colder, but even so I thought I might have had a sighting by now.
Meanwhile Lorcan's developed his Whitchurch Pate so it has a wick and can draw up moisture from the mud below to keep the top layer of clay nice and soft. I've found that the version with the oasis under the clay lasts fine, for a fortnight at least, if you wrap it well with cling film.


Dave said...

How big are the WLM droppings? They look ugly but I don't know what around to eat at the moment.

We had some compost-heap rats that dined out on potatoes last year and they look a bit similar.

Kate said...

I couldn't get close enough to get an accurate scale. Rat's a possibility, certainly. I just don't know at the moment.