Saturday, 9 August 2008

White Lion Meadow - amazing environment

Considering this is a very small stretch of stream by a town centre car park, it's incredible how many animals and plants make it their home. I was watching a water vole crunching leaves last night, and looked below me to see this dragonfly (female Southern Hawker?) emerging from its case. Then the rabbit appeared, looking shifty. The brook is full of tiny fish!


Steve said...

Hi...definitely a f southern hawker, your unidentified raptor is a Kestrel and I think your female common blue is probably a Brown Argus....glad you had a good holiday!

Kate said...

Cor, is it? It was certainly a lot smaller than the blue one.

The consensus seems to be that my raptor is a kestrel, but I just can't square that with the size of the bird I saw. Unless they breed them particularly big on the Broads!

Yes, north Norfolk was fab. I'd recommend it to wildlife-lovers.