Monday, 18 August 2008

Another useless photo

...except it's not, in terms of identification and record-keeping. I actually saw two voles tonight, which was a bit of a feat as the reeds are so lush they've bent over and formed a kind of tunnel in places.


Jane said...

You must be a real expert at spotting voles... I even struggled with the picture until I noticed the brown slodge. We have got a "wetland wander" event in a couple of weeks to look for signs of otters/water voles. Any hints/tips gratefully received! Jane

Kate said...

I heard it first. Sounded like someone was eating crisps right next to me! But then, when I looked, the whole top layer of vegetation was moving as the vole tugged at it.

If you're looking for field signs, the easiest to spot is feeding - part the reeds and look for bright green against the mud where the vole's chopped sections off and left them. They seem to like hanging around near bridges, too, so look for latrines or prints there.

Wish I could go with you! Good luck, and let me know how you go on.