Sunday, 16 December 2007

Trolleys out again (well, they were at 10.30 this morning).


urbanextension said...

Hi. My first visit to your brilliant blog. I've been interested in Water Voles for ages. Used to see them a lot as a child. I'm hoping our local brook has them... think I spotted the backside of one the other day. Tried to play some of your old videos but they wouldn't work.

We have otters in the centre of our local town of Wimborne, Dorset (and kingfishers) people just have no idea... I expect there are water voles as well. However we have paid deposit trolleys so no problem with them in the river. I will be back for another read. Thanks again. Jane

Kate said...

Cheers, Jane. I think it was Dorset I saw my very first water vole, as a child. We were on holiday and we'd stopped in a small town (none of can remember exactly which one) for my mother to use the loo. To get from the car park we had to cross a bridge. I glanced over, saw a vole on the bank and flatly refused to go on! In the end Mum had to leave me, with stern threats not to move or talk to any strangers. I watched the little animal for about fifteen minutes till she came back.

I do hope you have seen water voles. If there are otters then there won't be mink, which is good. And glimpsing the back end of one is a helpful view, because the tails (brown and furry, as opposed to pink and naked) are a give-away. Report them to your local wildlife group so they can pass the info onto the council maintenance and planning depts and to whoever's responsible for the waterways in your area.

Interesting what you say about trolleys! Still waiting for the manager of Tesco to get in touch, though the trolleys haven't been as bad since he arrived.

Sorry about the videos. They can take up to three minutes to crank up. :(

Kate said...

Ooh, lovely blog! I've got photos of otter spraint, too. Never seen an otter in the wild, though, unfortunately.