Saturday, 1 December 2007

The trolleys have gone from the brook at White Lion Meadow - maybe these new ones are considered too expensive to leave rotting in the water? - though the ten between Edgeley Road and Waylands Road are all still there.
Took a walk up to Yockings Gate and was surprised to see the high old bridge walls had been replaced by modern railings. They're not as picturesque, but they're way better for viewing the brook below (I used to have to take a folding stool to stand on!). If the colony's still there in the spring, I should be able to get some good sightings. Interesting to compare the state of the vegetation at this time of year with how it was in high summer. You can do this by clicking on the Yockings Gate label at the right hand side of the blog.
Going down tomorrow morning to check the Prees Branch canal rafts again, but John Mackintosh from the Shropshire Mammal recording group thinks the same as my friend from the Wild About Britain forum, that we're not dealing with mink yet. So cautiously good news all round.

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