Friday, 14 December 2007

Had a really encouraging email from the new manager, Richard Mills, saying he'd pulled all the trolleys out, and was keen to talk to me about how we can resolve the situation. However, I've just gone past the store now and there are two more of the new electronic-wheel trolleys in the water. I'm really hoping Mr Mills is going to be the one to grasp that, unless coin-operated trolleys are installed, the problem's just going to go on, and on, and on.


FibCarver said...

How satisfying to come across another citizen of the world who feels the same way I do about recklessly abandoned shopping trolleys.

In Guelph, ON (where I once lived), the local grocery store FINALLY installed a system whereby their coin operated trolleys could not physically move past a certain point within their parking lot. The wheels locked up and unless someone was fairly determined to kidnap the trolley by lifting & carrying, it stayed put. Saved a lot of metal eyesores in the neighbourhood. Also saved the store money as they used to send a man out every week with a truck & trailer to retrieve stolen trolleys from surrounding streets.

Now ... how to stop badly-brought-up kids who think it's a hoot to steal trolleys and dump 'em in rivers, eh?

Kate said...

Yeah, you have to wonder how dull these kids' lives are that they think this activity is "big entertainment".

Anyway, we have the locking-wheel trolleys and it's stopped them going round the town, but they still end up in the water. But it's good to hear your story, Donnag!