Friday, 6 July 2007

Quoisley Bridge

Another vole at Yockings Gate this evening, obligingly swimming up the centre of the brook for quite a distance.
Then I went to have a poke around the ditch between the canal and the A49 by Quoisley Bridge, because I've often driven past and thought it looked a likely spot. A path's been cut by a wide mower, but at the end of this section where the weeds have been left waist-high, there were two feeding stations. Given the scale of the pieces, I'd say these are definitely water vole and not field.
So a new area to keep an eye on. This makes up for the fact that I had a look the other day round Dearnford fishery and couldn't find any signs at all, despite the fact there were plenty of voles last year.
But colonies move around, and wax and wane, and an area that's not occupied this year might be full again the next (and vice versa).

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