Sunday, 8 July 2007

Brown Moss

The water vole group went down to the nature reserve at Brown Moss today, which is on the Prees (south) side of Whitchurch. We looked at two pools specifically and found evidence of feeding, plus some latrines. The nest above, made of woven grass, we think may be field vole - there were lots of field vole signs around - but Albert (above) had seen a water vole one too which was similar in structure but bigger, about the size of a football.
Albert also found these giant pieces of cut reed; no chance of mixing those up with field vole activity!
Two voles this evening at Yockings Gate. Lots of movement in the reeds, too.


Steve said...

Hi Kate....your blog is looking good. some really interesting information on it. Glad to say I have started to see my Water Vole again in my usual spot which is a relief.

Kate said...

So glad to hear that, Steve! It's been such a nice day I'll be going out tonight to have a look round my local area. I see voles regularly, but only glimpses these days - they don't hang around to be photographed any more.

Maybe next summer they'll come back to the car park. Fingers crossed.