Friday, 1 May 2020

Serious Concerns About Council Contractors

 White Lion Meadow vole with a wound on its back.

Yellow wagtail.

 Adult vole at Edward German Drive.

I have serious concerns about the management of the voles' habitat at Edward German Drive, and I've emailed Shropshire Council about it. The contractors have not only mowed over water vole burrows, leaving them exposed, they've used weedkiller on a patch near the sluice gate and again by the pipe at White Lion Meadow. Why have they done this, when for years they've been so careful? I'm waiting for their answer, and will update when I have it. Hoping no voles have been poisoned! 

Possibly a baby vole at Edward German Drive.
Below, a water vole with bits of feeding, at Griffiths Tool Hire.

Hedgehogs busy in my garden. 

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