Wednesday, 7 June 2017

BBC Midlands Today

 Helen and David from Midlands Today

Two different baby water voles. The lower pic shows a vole with white hairs on its forehead, something I've seen before.

Water voles making use of a discarded gas canister to start a latrine.

With luck, there'll be a little piece on Whitchurch's water voles on Midlands Today airing next Monday. We had a sighting of a White Lion Meadow vole, looked at some feeding from the banks there, then walked up to Edward German Drive to film burrows and a latrine. Later in the day I saw my first baby vole of the year - two, in fact, of exactly the same size so probably from the same litter.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Fame fame fame at last!

Kate said...

I know! I'll try not to let it change me. ;-)