Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Struggling to Get Sightings, but the Voles are There

White Lion Meadow vole
 Common newt found under garden rubbish

 The ugliness of the baby coot

 Great Crested newt and friend

 Water vole feeding at Edgeley Road

 Kestrel at Edgeley Road

 The beginnings of a water vole latrine at Edgeley Road

 Reed bunting

 White Lion Meadow vole

Stunning pic of a water vole mum and its pup, taken by Steve Norris at the Sculthorpe Moor nature reserve. 


LaPré DelaForge said...

"Struggling to Get Sightings, but the Voles are There"....
so it isn't just me then!!
All I'm getting at the moment is vigorously twitching grass... or ripples!!
However, the little feeding stations and the interconnecting runs are very visible...but always in deep shadow.
The one obvious latrine is a case in point... I can see it with the naked eye...
even better with binos... but the camera shows it as deep shadow...
the original one...two foot away is clearly visible...but not used.
But we've seen the ducklings this year... and Moorhen nookie... a stalking early-morning heron and a cruising coypu!

Kate said...

They toy with us! :-)

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Great set of photos...baby water voles, golly!

Kate said...

It's a lovely photo. Wish I'd taken it!