Monday, 30 May 2016

Moth Traps and Other Wildlife

Very surprised mustelid - juvenile stoat?

Brimstone moth 

 Poplar Hawk moth

 Muslin moth

Waved Umber

Pale Tussock

Buff Ermine


LaPré DelaForge said...

Lovely weasel shot... you say surprised, but who was most surprised? You or the weasel?? Lovely Moth pictures... I invested in a proper moth trap last Autumn, having borrowed a friend's one... but the weather has been too dire to put it out!

We are underwater here... well, the meadow is...I just hope that the watervoles haven't been disturbed too much.
Where they are, the bank at each site will have remained about 50cm above water level.... various low points, like the old ford, made for the tractors that wouldn't fit over the bridge.... are lower...which allowed the water to spill straight onto the meadow.
But the poor mites would have been forced high into their upper quarters!!

The whole valley has been flooded.... we've not seen water this high since we moved here... nor since we bought the place in 2003... in fact, our neighbour, who is exactly one year older than me... said that he'd never seen it so that's over 60 years!!

The rain was continuous for four days and the poor birds... we have a lot of fledglings around... were very wet... and I am expecting to find corpses, unfortunately, as some have not yet developed proper feather and are still partly down covered... the baby wrens were ok I think...
the ones this side of the house...around eight... are well ensconced in a stack of planks in our hangar [open barn].... and I saw the adults of the ones the other side going in and out of where the nest was/is... so I presume they herded their flock of around ten back into the outbuilding!!

There was a very lost looking female pheasant out back....we were wondering if she'd lost her nest to the waters? Shame... I like watching the young pheasants... hopefully some nests will have survived.
Jeremy has a harem of twelve females this year!

Kate said...

Gosh, how awful. I've just been watching the pics on the News. I was wondering whether you'd been affected. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the wet weather threatened isn't to bad and that normal circumstances are soon resorted. Flooding can be disastrous for people and wildlife.