Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Burrows: Now With Voles

Lots of burrows by the timber merchant's.

Below, the litter-strewn mess that is White Lion Meadow car park, but also a latrine that's appeared on the bank.

Below, water voles fight for territory at Black Park Road.

Deluxe accommodation.

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WendyB said...

Wow, the deluxe suite looks amazing !! (One a bit like that here has been taken over by field voles this year though.)

So pleased that your water voles are putting in an appearance at last - looking forward to all the pics :-)

Still some vole anxiety here - it's only ever a small colony, and sightings are currently far fewer than this time last year, and no digging displays yet either. Hope that pike isn't about again..

Had a woodpecker treat on Sunday - four Greater Spotteds - two pairs - having a hell of a ding-dong, screeching, chasing through the trees, drumming and mating..