Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Waiting Game

It's always an anxious time, waiting for the water voles to reappear. Not many signs at present, except a few burrows, though there's lots of field vole activity. Grocontinental have removed some of the hedges next to the ditch in their field which might be a help in encouraging the growth of vegetation along the banks, but I hope they've done the most disruptive work now and the voles are left alone to breed now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate. You might want to visit the brook at the country park by Greenfields. It is a very strange colour and the fish are swimming at the surface. Have reported it to the environmental agency.

Anonymous said...

Environmental agency has now sorted the problem out. Cement in the brook! It is looking much better already. Thought you'd like yo know!!

Kate said...

Thank you SO much for reporting it. I hope it hasn't done any long term damage.