Sunday, 15 February 2015

Other Small Mammals

Family of field mice at Black Park Road.

Below, the back end of a field vole showing the shortness of the tail.

These burrows are in the right place for water vole, but they're too small. They're made by field voles, probably.


WendyB said...

Hi - I'm now fairly sure it IS field voles I am seeing in what used to be the main water vole burrow complex, in an ivy clad mound/old tree stump on the banks of the college boundary ditch, here in Cambridge.

They are SO zippy and jumpy, it is difficult to get a close look (with binoculars) - the tails seem longish for field voles, but I saw in a book that the tail can be up to 4.5 cms. These are quite pale underneath and mid brown above, though I think it can vary?

The one I saw yesterday was pulling old leaves etc into a burrow - so they seem to be settling in. It will be interesting to see if any water voles come back and try to reclaim their traditional 'stronghold'...

Kate said...

Yes, we are all waiting anxiously for our voles!

WendyB said...

I've seen one, I've seen one !!! About 4 p.m. today, just as I was thinking "It's far too cold..." there he was, little nose sniffing the air from just within a hole at the water's edge - a fat chunky individual in fact, presumably a senior. As soon as I moved a little, "splosh" and he'd gone... I remember the water voles being very nervous at first when I started seeing them early March, last year.

It was 300 metres or so from the area where the field voles have taken over.

This was closely followed by a greater spotted woodpecker - heard it first, then great views silhouetted on the bare trees - then a green woodpecker - happy day!!

Kate said...

Yay, fantastic! So pleased to hear it. And did you see the fabulous article on water voles that's in the March edition of BBC Wildlife magazine? Do check it out. Heart-melting pictures.

WendyB said...

Ah, brilliant - thanks for that, I'll check it out a.s.a.p. :-)