Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So Much Activity!

What a fantastic surprise to see these two otters on the trail cam. I've never seen an otter in the wild; this is the closest I've ever got. It's amazing that they would use such a tiny ditch. But then the field's full of wildlife, and I have found spraint there twice before. Thrilled!


lizzielongdrop said...


womagwriter said...

How fantastic!

Countryside Tales said...

Fantastic! Good news as well in terms of Mink. Interesting about the size of the water course they are using. We do have them on the Test here but I've yet to see them, although our River Keeper has- in broad daylight, slipping out of the river and wandering together into the woods. I was very jealous! x

Kate said...

Otter presence doesn't necessarily mean no mink, but it's brilliant to see them and, as I say, a first for me. The nearest I've ever got to otters previously is sniffing their spraint.

They may well just be using the brook as a corridor, but this begs the question, where did they come from and where are they headed? I'd love to know!

WendyB said...

Wow! Absolutely amazing! And I love the busy little water shrew as well - I've never seen one of those, but have seen otters in the wild on the Isle of Mull - most memorably a mum and two youngsters, diving, fishing and playing - unforgettable.

Also pleased to say that I at last had a nice water vole sighting late yesterday - the first in 23 days - weaving in and out of some overhanging brambles, then disappearing into more dense undergrowth.

Thanks again for all your great photos and video clips! :-)