Sunday, 18 May 2014

Two Babies, and Activity at Mossfields

This video's a bit special because it's the first footage I've ever got of the water voles who live round the back of Saddler's Walk (Mossfields), near the cricket pitch. I know there's a strong colony there but the vegetation's so thick it's hard to see much. I'm really hoping the council and builders are going to take special care when they develop this land to build a new school and housing. I'll remind them nearer the time how water voles are legally protected, and the mitigation measures that have to be in place before work can start.

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WendyB said...

Lovely photos again!

I once worked for a planning firm where I was nicknamed "The Ecoterrorist" because they knew I loved nature, and, I mustn't have quite managed to conceal my delight when newts, bats, badgers, water voles etc held up developments, or even stopped them altogether!

I too keep an eye open for planning notices etc, in case our voles need protecting too.