Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Numbers Increasing

 Ideal habitat

I had four sightings yesterday, at least three voles. One of them was the one-eyed water vole I've been paying particular attention to, and it's amazing how well this animal copes, considering the impact there must be on its peripheral vision. I haven't spotted any young yet, though.

I include this photograph of butterflies I've just hatched. You send off a voucher and get five tiny painted lady caterpillars in a pot, complete with food. When they pupate, you transfer them to a netting hatchery, and then only when the adult insects emerge do you have to feed them (with sugar water or fruit). I'll be releasing mine tomorrow.


Countryside Tales said...

Love the photographs as always- I think I could look at water voles all day :-)

Fascinating about the Painted Ladies. I saw them in Devon for the first time last year. Incredible flutters.

Kate said...

I was surprised (though shouldn't have been) to see painted ladies in Spain. Apparently they migrate.