Sunday, 23 June 2013

Stinkhorns and Councils

 My first stinkhorn! The smell is truly unbelievable.

 Juvenile house sparrow which flew into my lounge and then started squaring up to its own reflection.

 Gold Swift moth at Iscoyd Park. Males smell of pineapple, apparently! 

 Toad at Wem Moss.

 Small Copper, Wem Moss.

Two Edgeley Road voles. 

 A glimpse of a water vole at Greenfields Rise, so outside the Country Park.

 Sensitive strimming at White Lion Meadow car park by the council - a good margin of cover left for the voles.

 We've had some sightings at the car park, but this latrine would tell us there's vole presence anyway.

More Edgeley Road voles, to finish.

An appreciative shout out to councils, including north Shropshire, who manage riparian areas with regard to wildlife. There was a time when contractors would strim the vegetation too far down the bank, disturbing the voles and leaving them insufficient cover. They also used to use chemical sprays. But since they've been aware of water voles along the Staggsbrook, they've been more careful in their mowing and strimming. This blog says thank you to councils who listen.


Anonymous said...

Kate, did you know that a large amount of fat had been deposited in the brook recently, resulting in the death of ducklings? Don't know whether this has affected the water voles at all. Apparently a restaurant in town might have been responsible. Dead ducklings found in fatty scum near Greenfield. Very sad.

Kate said...

God, no, I didn't know about this. I suppose it will have gone into the nature reserve too. That's awful. I hope to goodness they pin down the culprits. How long ago are we talking about?

Anonymous said...

Sometime last week I think. The environmental agency have been looking into it. Hope the watervoles are ok.

Kate said...

The reserve looks OK this evening; I've just been down to check. Thanks for alerting us, though. Hope the EA can get to the root of it.