Friday, 20 May 2011

Field Vole Peak

Someone told me there was a field vole peak this year, and I'm certainly seeing more than usual. While I was waiting for tonight's water vole, I saw three -fv-s, one of which swam the brook in front of me. No confusing them with baby w-vs, though, as they're smaller, their fur's a great deal lighter and they move much much faster.
Pleased to report several good big feeding stations up at the far end of Edward German Drive now. This is good because I think this colony had a bit of a hammering from cats last year and I didn't know how well numbers would recover.


Richard said...

I've also heard about the field vole bonanza. Do you think it's been the same for water voles?
Certainly here, the local colonies seem to be thriving (but elsewhere the cats seem to have take their toll).

Kate said...

I wouldn't say there's been a w-v explosion here, at least yet. But the weather's been so foul here I've not been able to get out as much as I wanted to.